Zachary Wright devCodeCamp Alumni


Active SCI Secret Clearance

Relocation:  Austin Metro or Remote
Availability:  Immediately


  • Python
  • C#
  • JavaScript
  • .NET
  • ASP.NET Core
  • MySQL
  • Flask
  • Git/GitHub

Zachary Wright


10-Day Final Project

For my capstone project, I have made an application to raise awareness about veteran suicide. IN my application you can see resources, find a VA hospital, and statistics. Users will also be able to post and comment on a blog.

My capstone project will help raise awareness for veteran suicide and allow veterans to connect with each other. My project is an effort to help cut down 22 a day.

Watch my video presentation of this application below.

Hire Me Because…

I will give the utmost effort due to my eagerness to learn more and grow as a developer. I am ready to give my all to a company and help make an organization stronger.

Passion For Programming

My passion for programming comes from my love of solving problems and puzzles. Everything starts as an idea somewhere and I love trying to figure out how to deploy that application accordingly.

Three Words About My Professional Qualities

  • Intelligent: Can learn quickly
  • Friendly: I Will start a conversation with anyone
  • Hungry: Eager to develop and grow my knowledge of programming

Three Words That Describe The Best Role For Me

  • Team member: Works great with others
  • Independent – Works well with little to no supervision
  • Leader – Great at taking initiative in the absence of supervisors

Watch My Capstone Presentation

A 10-day sprint that starts with each students’ idea. They are responsible for architecting this application, researching and learning any new languages or technologies to complete it, and build the final project. Since this is their crowning achievement during our course, instructors are very hands-off during the lifecycle of the development of their capstone.