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William Chandler


About Me

I was originally born and raised in Norfolk, VA. I previously served 20 years in the United States Army first in the Counterintelligence field and afterwards in the Health Care Services area. After leaving the military I worked in marketing for an electrical contracting company in Boston and later as a Assistant Paralegal at a law firm in downtown Boston. My hobbies are buying, repairing and reselling motorcycles, learning new things, cooking and reading.  I have a one-year old cat named Max.  Currently, I am looking for full-time position as a web/software developer. I have recently completed my degree and continued to build my web development skills through building personal projects, working with mentors and self-paced courses. If there is one phrase that describes me it would describe, a passionate learner.  My best attribute are my positive attitude and work ethic which make me an ideal fit for any organization.

What I Bring

  • Communication Skills
  • Positive Attitude
  • Organization and time management
  • Ability to learn quickly
  • Years of leadership experience
  • Team player

Development Strengths

Wire Framing: Adobe XD, Photoshop and Figma

Frontend: HTML, CSS, JS, SASS, React

Backend: C#, .Net Core and Django

Database: SQL

Programming Methodologies: SOLID, REST, MVC

Why Code

Ever since I bought my first video system an Atari 800, I’ve been fascinated by computer programming. I fell in love with programming for several reasons.  I have also thought of myself as a problem solver and programming gives me the opportunity to create solutions to those problems.  I also enjoy the idea of having an idea and finding a way to bring that idea into existence. Additionally, as a constant learner the multiple languages, algorithms, methodology, tools, frameworks offer me no limit to what I can learn.