Tyler Pavlic devCodeCamp Alumni

Relocation:  Yes – Milwaukee Metro or Remote
Availability:  Immediately


  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • C#
  • React.js
  • Django
  • Node.js
  • Adobe Xd
  • Photoshop
  • DevOps
  • Docker
  • AWS
  • Django REST Framework
  • MySQL
  • ASP.NET Core Web API
  • Web Services & REST API
  • JSON
  • Git & GitHub
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Visual Studio
  • Postman

Tyler Pavlic


10-Day Final Project

During my final 10-day sprint, I created Service Logger, a web application that allows users to create an account, add their own vehicles, and compile all of the service records in one simple, clean, and convenient place. The application features a data chart that shows all of the user’s vehicles and the dollar amount spent. There is also the ability to export and save all records per vehicle or per user to a pdf to be shared or saved elsewhere. Service Logger was built using Django REST API Backend, MySQL, React.js, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap.

Watch my video of this application below.

Hire Me Because…

I am a strong-willed individual who is always excited to learn something new. I am excited to use my skills to help achieve goals, solve problems, and enhance overall productivity, quality, and service level. I enjoy working in group settings but can also excel individually. I know that I can combine all these skills to benefit any workplace.

Passion For Programming

After over 10 years in different aspects of the automotive industry, my love for learning new things led me to programming and devCodeCamp. Programming has challenged me in ways that I have never experienced and continues to teach me new things with almost every line I write. I look forward to where code will take me with the seemingly endless possibilities it provides.

Three Words About My Professional Qualities

Creative – In the sense of seeing things differently, solving a problem, or making something look nice.

Eager – I am eager to learn new things and have a drive for professional excellence.

Honesty – Honesty is the core of all relationships. I am upfront about questions and never hesitate to reach out if stuck.

Three Words That Describe The Best Role For Me

Growth – Career role where I can gain knowledge and experience from peers using that knowledge to develop quality products and benefit the company and people around me.

Supportive – Career role with a company that offers support and tools in order to allow a smooth transition from new hire to a priceless member of the Development team and into future positions.

Teamwork –  Career role where cooperation and working well together as a team results in making each other better for outputting the best possible products.

Watch My Capstone Presentation

A 10-day sprint that starts with each students’ idea. They are responsible for architecting this application, researching and learning any new languages or technologies to complete it, and build the final project. Since this is their crowning achievement during our course, instructors are very hands-off during the lifecycle of the development of their capstone.