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  • C#
  • JavaScript
  • ASP.NET Core
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • SQL
  • Git/Github

Timothy Herron


About Me

Enthusiastic and highly motivated individual seeking a new role in software development. Driven by a personal desire for growth and learning. I have provided technical assistance in a variety of capacities both professionally and through volunteering with organizations like DRE@M (Delmar Robotics @ MADE, a FIRST Robotics Highschool team.) Having been given the opportunity to be involved in the development of two exhibits at my former museum, I saw it as an opportunity to finally take my skills and career to the next level.

My long-term goal is to expand my technical skillset, taking on new methodologies, languages, and other avenues that will advance my understandings. I hope to give back to the Non-Profit community in my spare time, whether through projects such as my current Curation and Communication system, “Hey Curator”, or ways to bring technology into environments that otherwise cannot afford to develop them for themselves.

With a background in education and teaching, it is important to not just be knowledgeable in one’s field but to have the confidence to contribute to the success of the overall team through cooperation and peer development. And I am confident in taking this next step.

What I Bring

I bring years of problem-solving experience in a high-pressure immediate response environment. The knowledge that long-term solutions are key to sustainability but also knowing that resolving the immediate concern is paramount to moving forward with as little interference to the customer or outside teams.

I have been exposed to a variety of technologies through the technical support, installation, and servicing of a variety of museum exhibits. My experience working and giving support to individuals of a wide range of technical skill levels has given me an understanding and more importantly the patience to succeed in the resolution of issues.

Development Strengths

I take pride in my work. A product is not just a piece of work, but it is a representation of myself and my team. Delivering on those goals and taking responsibility when issues arise to lead in fixing them is who defines my work effort.

There is an old proverb “I hear, and I forget. I see and I remember. I DO and I understand.” Training, whether that which I receive or those who I train, it is important that the skill is used. It is not enough to be shown how to do something or to learn a new development technique, I must employ it whether in my work or through my personal studies.

Why Code

It is not enough to say I have always wanted to code, that has not and will not change. What has changed is I have seen what is truly possible and the influence well-designed systems can have on the user. I see now that the software we can provide is limited only by time and not technical limitations. Professionally I will bring my work ethic and enthusiasm to the benefit of my team. And my drive to pursue projects beyond the reach of a career will only push me farther in my desire to code and develop solutions that will aid others.