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Visual Studio

Shae Lappen


About Me

First and foremost, I am an aspiring software developer. When I’m not honing my programming language knowledge, exploring new design patterns, or optimizing my past projects, I love playing and recording music (I play the trumpet, guitar, bass, drums) and running with my dog Roy. My work experience includes the financial and non-profit industries–I was a performing arts fundraiser for 4 years and then a mortgage loan officer for 3 years before I decided to start a career in tech. I have a BA in Linguistics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

What I Bring

I would not have been able to complete devCodeCamp’s intensive software development program if I did not have a strong underlying drive to absorb and execute newly acquired skills. As a recent graduate, I offer a versatility in coding steeped in the best practices that this 12-week project-based course fostered–I’m a fresh slate ready to start on Monday!

Development Strengths

I have a strong foundation in C# and JavaScript, best exemplified in my SimplifiedMortgageRefi, an ASP.NET web application featured on my Github. Further, this project also showcases a database architecture featuring all possible entity relationships. Also of note is my MostWantedProject, with several functions exemplifying the single responsibility principle–the senior developer who graded it said it was one of the best solutions to the project he had ever seen from a student.

Why Code

The allure of coding to me is how it so seamlessly intersects with other passions in my life. The field of linguistics, which I studied, is based around examining all the different variables (or parameters) among human languages and then abstracting away from these by developing a model of how it works–not unlike coding out a method or function. I have played music since I was 15 and I was surprised to find that starting with a blank screen and a set of ideas to construct a web application has just as much potential for creativity as picking up my guitar does. Lastly, problem-solving in software development is the same itch that I loved to scratch when restructuring loans to get them to work for customers when I was in the finance industry.

Coding is a puzzle that begs me to solve it–and I am focused on making it a turning point in my professional career and a new chapter in my life.