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▪ .NET Core
▪ Javascript
▪ React
▪ Postman
▪ SOLID Principles
▪ Unit Testing
▪ Test Driven Development
▪ Git & Version Control
▪ Object Oriented Design
▪ Agile Methodologies

Matt Johannsen


About Me

I am a former high school English teacher turned web developer who has cultivated opportunities in e-commerce for the past 20 years. I recently went back to school at devCodeCamp because I wanted to revitalize my programming skillset with the latest technology and trends. I am currently looking for career opportunities that put my newly enhanced full-stack web development abilities to the test.

What I Bring

Although business and technology have propelled the course of my career path for the past 20 years, I still am a teacher at heart. I enjoy bringing out the best in people and contributing to a work environment that is positive, productive, and fun. I take great pride in my ownership of responsibilities and consistently strive to meet and exceed expectations. Owning my own business for over a decade has provided me with a multitude of diverse work experiences from marketing and accounting to shipping and receiving.  I have had to do it all, and it helps me see the big picture.

Development Strengths

Two assets that I am proud of are my problem solving and communication skills. Due to my initial English Education background, I have written, taught, and graded hundreds of pre-essay outlines, so refining my analytical approach to problem-solving at devCodeCamp came naturally.  From a communication standpoint, I have developed exceptional oral and written skills over the years, and interpersonally I try to be relatable and accessible in the work environment.

Why Code

I code because I love that Aha! moment. It allows me to draw connections between previously incomprehensible concepts and seems to put life into context.