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Kee Cha


About Me

My name is Kee Cha and growing up, I have always had a strong aptitude for solving problems whether it is mathematics or fixing cars.  No matter how challenging the problem may be, I don’t like to give up and I persevere until the job is complete.  I’ve also had a passion for learning about new technology.  Now as a recent devCodeCamp graduate, I can now apply my new skill set to who I am by integrating my natural problem solving with technological advancements.  I look forward to working in a field that provides me with daily challenges so that I can give 100% to my work and overcome any obstacles.

What I Bring

As a recent graduate and new acquired knowledge of software development, I can say that I bring in the fundamentals as well as a fresh outlook on coding.  I’m also very cooperative when it comes to teamwork and my willingness to learn new technologies allows me to keep up with the growing industry.

Development Strengths

I have always been more artistic and creative which allow me to excel at front-end work especially working on user interfaces.  Upon my completion of a fully immersive full-stack software development bootcamp, I am proficient with multiple programming languages as well as the ability to be agile and adaptable.  With my conceptual and logical thinking, back-end coding would not be an issue.

Why Code

Technology is always advancing and for someone who wants to be ahead of the curve, coding is the only way to achieve it. Sure, you can just wait for the new features to come out or purchase the newest phone but to be the one behind the scene and create, that is where it is most meaningful.  Coding isn’t just writing down codes but it’s creating ideas and having it come to life.