Dominique Steward devCodeCamp Alumni


Relocation:  No – Houston Metro or Remote
Availability:  Immediately


  • JavaScript
  • Node.js
  • Express.js
  • React.js
  • MongoDB
  • Web Services & REST API
  • JSON
  • Git & GitHub
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Postman
  • HTML
  • CSS

Dominique Steward


10-Day Final Project

I built a full-stack mobile-friendly web application named NerdCulture. NerdCulture is a social storytelling platform site made for Authors, Artists, Gamers, Cosplayers, and nerds to join a community to talk about things nerd-related. The community as a whole will be able to talk about different subjects in forums. Authors are able to publish novels, Artists are able to post their artwork, and the hybrids (Authors and Artists) are able to post comics.

Even though the website will show a lot of focus to the artwork and novels posted, it is also a good spot for cosplayers to showcase fashion from different tv shows, games, anime characters, or their own original character. You can also talk in the newsfeed area about whatever is on your mind as a true social media platform. You can also like and comment on each post with the ability to remove the comments/posts as well.

Stack: JavaScript | Express | CSS | React.js | MongoDB Technologies: AXIOS, Postman, JSON, Redux

Watch my video presentation of this application below.

Hire Me Because…

I have been around technology all of my life. Starting from middle school, every elective was related to information technology. I have a strong passion for tech which is why I’ve made a career out of it. I also take ownership of all my work to make sure it is to the highest standard. I am a strong team player, but work even stronger as an individual.

Passion For Programming

My passion for programming began when I had the idea to bring NerdCulture to life. Since I embarked on the journey to learn to code, I realized that this was the thing missing in my life. Programming allows me to never settle for the knowledge I have and to keep learning no matter what. The problem-solving that also comes with coding ensures there is never a dull moment and keeps things interesting. I also believe it’s one of the best ways to show one’s creativity.

Three Words About My Professional Qualities

Hard Worker: Where I may lack knowledge in a few things, it’s very hard to find somebody that will outwork me. I give it everything I’ve got.

Social Skills: I am able to talk with a group of diverse individuals and make sure there is clear and concise communication so all projects can be done in a timely manner.

Quick Learner: If you show me once, you won’t have to show me again.

Three Words That Describe The Best Role For Me

Teamwork: A team that doesn’t let their peers drown. Able to help lead their team on the right path.

Trust: Not too much micromanaging going on. Able to rely on others to get their work done and efficiently.

Goal-oriented: An environment where everybody has a goal and wants to see it achieved.

Watch My Capstone Presentation

A 10-day sprint that starts with each students’ idea. They are responsible for architecting this application, researching and learning any new languages or technologies to complete it, and build the final project. Since this is their crowning achievement during our course, instructors are very hands-off during the lifecycle of the development of their capstone.