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Danielle Demke


About Me

I worked in Customer Service and Medical Administrative roles for 8 years until making the choice to find the career path that was not only right for me, but also made me happy. This decision ultimately led me to my career with Software Development!

I’ve gained crucial attention-to-detail and social skills in some of the settings I’ve worked in such as a hospice admissions office, complex medical scheduling, recruiting, and pharmacy. In my free time, you will find me spending time with my fiancé and our two cats. I love listening to music and seeing new movies, as well as hiking, biking, and painting.

What I Bring

I believe I can bring many values to the table! I am open-minded with an eagerness to learn; I have a passion to problem-solve and find new ways to make something better. I love working in teams to support and help one another, challenge each other, and bring new ideas. Through customer service, I was able to gain great communication skills and the know-how to be a productive team member who contributes to the positivity and growth within.

Development Strengths

I am strongest in backend functionality and debugging. Although I love getting creative and have the ability to design the complete frontend of an application, I do feel I am stronger in the complex problem-solving and analytical thinking that is involved with backend development! I also have a great eye for debugging my own code and even helping with teammates in their code.

Why Code

I’ve always been the tech-savvy in my family and have always enjoyed problem-solving, so it only felt natural for me when I started to code for the first time. What really inspires me about software development is the feeling of endless possibilities to improve and create new technologies and software to positively impact someone’s day-to-day. Technology is such an exciting career that really stands out to me: it embraces change and welcomes creativity to solve problems!