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  • JavaScript
  • ReactJS
  • NodeJS
  • Express
  • Bootstrap
  • React-Bootstrap
  • noSQL Databases
  • MongoDB
  • Postman
  • JSON Web Token

Damon Schulz


About Me

I am almost 27 years old as I transition from a military job to a civilian job as well as an entirely new career field. I was born and raised in St. Francis, WI and now reside in Gulfport, MS after completing five years and seven months in the United States Navy. As a Seabee in the Navy, my job title was Construction Electrician. That’s what we did, construction. Being an electrician by trade takes as much brainpower as it does hard labor. Now I intend on using these skills in a more comfortable environment as a developer on a computer. I earned the Certificate of Completion in Web Development at devCodeCamp, a highly accredited and popular course out of Milwaukee. That is how I began my journey to become an engineer, and every day I continue to build upon the skills I acquired throughout the program and my military career.

What I Bring

If I am on your team, you can always expect a crafted individual who refuses to quit when confronted with a problem as well as a useful, diversified arsenal of problem-solving skills.

Development Strengths

As a self-proclaimed innovator, I am constantly trying to simplify life with the tools created but how the tools are created. I am able to troubleshoot very well using methods I learned as an electrician, that help me find errors in my code.

Why Code

The idea of being able to create virtually anything you can conjure up in your head using a complex language like code enthralled me. I want to contribute to the improvement of peoples’ lives, no matter how much or how little.