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Ben Jasso


About Me

I am a positive team player with a substantial amount of experience in team building, management, working with clients, and graphic design. I am a recent graduate from DevCodeCamp with a certificate as a full stack developer and my hunger and determination to keep learning, helps me flourish in whatever I do. I understand my experience In this field might be less than others, but I believe my drive, passion, and team-building experience are qualities that will not only take me far but take me far quickly. I am currently seeking a software development position where I can offer my skills/assets to a team and start my exciting journey as a software developer.

What I Bring

I will bring a strong work ethic, reliability, attention to detail, and desire to keep learning the newest technologies and development techniques as it’s my inspiration to be the best software developer I can be. I flourish in jobs that require quick learning, team building, and self-teaching. Not only do I bring these assets and a full-stack development certificate from DevCodeCamp, but I also bring forth experience in graphic design. I love to code and love to make the applications look professional and pleasing to the eye.

Development Strengths

My biggest strength in the development field is my desire to keep learning and teaching myself how to code. I have always been a person to learn quickly and find solutions to problems when problems arise. Some other strengths that I offer are a positive attitude, great communication skills, a great team player with experience in leading teams, and experience in managing time and prioritizing tasks.

Why Code

I chose the computer software development career path for many reasons. First and foremost, I love computers and I love to build things. The feeling of being apart of something bigger and your skills being an asset in the creation of an application used by many people is like no other. I love to learn, keep learning, teach, build, and work within a team. To my understanding, this job is everything I love.