Andrew Rodriguez devCodeCamp Alumni

Relocation:  No – Sacramento Metro or Remote
Availability:  Immediately


  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Amazon Web Services
  • React.js
  • Django
  • Django REST Framework
  • MySQL
  • DevOps
  • Docker
  • CI/CD Pipelines
  • GitHub Actions
  • Adobe XD
  • Axios
  • Web Services & REST API
  • JSON
  • Git & GitHub
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Visual Studio
  • Postman

Andrew Rodriguez


10-Day Final Project

In 10 workdays, I made a social media platform for space enthusiasts called Spacey. I am a space enthusiast myself and found it baffling that there is no application where I can share my thoughts about space or fiction stories of space. This is where Spacey comes in and shares all registered enthusiast’s posts and comments. Using Spacey brings everything about space to one place.

Technologies: React.js, Django rest framework, Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, BootStrap, Adobe XD, MySQL, Axios, NASA API, People in Space API.

Watch my video presentation of this application below.

Hire Me Because…

I found that progression is achieved with repetition and hard work. I played football and quickly realized that if I wanted to be a starter I had to be consistent. I implement that to anything I want to pursue. For example, devCodeCamp, where I proved that I can excel in fast-paced environments I am excited to bring my skills to help solve problems and conduct success. I can work in a group and will excel independently.

Passion For Programming

After graduating high school, I was on the search for a career path. I’ve tried
firefighting, Real Estate, etc, but these weren’t something I truly enjoyed doing. I’ve always been interested in working with software, so I decided to look into Programming and immediately fell in love with it. I enjoy the challenges I have to
overcome and the feeling of success when I accomplish a task.

Three Words About My Professional Qualities

Eager – I am hungry to use my new skills in the professional world. I am always eager to learn new things and implement them in my workspace to better improve a task or project.

Quick-learner – Aside from Mimo, I hadn’t had any experience with building projects of my own. After graduating devCodeCamp I can say that I can retain information quickly within a time frame and input the elements I learned into my work.

Resourceful – When I get stuck with a task I then go through a routine from setting up a timer to going for a quick google search for a certain amount of time and if still, no progress send a message to classmates or instructors. I believe using all resources available is important for success.

Three Words That Describe The Best Role For Me

Teamwork – I have been part of many different teams, and I have learned how
important it is to be able to listen and collaborate with team members to solve

Communicator – When working in a team, I always make sure the person or persons I work with see and understand what I am doing so there is no miscommunication. I have proved this in my latest job in Gornto Ditching where communication is important each day.

Growth – I understand that as a developer there will always be something new to learn. I’m dedicated to excelling in this career path, so I am not afraid to take on new challenges. I will learn from any mistakes I might come upon and improve upon those mistakes.

Watch My Capstone Presentation

A 10-day sprint that starts with each students’ idea. They are responsible for architecting this application, researching and learning any new languages or technologies to complete it, and build the final project. Since this is their crowning achievement during our course, instructors are very hands-off during the lifecycle of the development of their capstone.