Adam Mosher devCodeCamp Alumni

Relocation:  No – Grand Rapids Metro or Remote
Availability:  Immediately


  • React.js
  • React Hooks
  • JavaScript
  • Node.js
  • Express.js
  • MongoDB
  • Git/GitHub

Adam Mosher


10-Day Final Project

My final capstone project is a web application called Cellarman’s Friend. This app was created as a solution to ensure that nothing fell through the cracks at the brewery I currently work at and a way to make sure things during the fermentation process stay on track and operations run smoothly. The app is designed to allow an employee to enter in all the necessary and useful information pertaining to the blending, fermentation, and cellaring operations and keep track of and update this information on every product currently in production. As well as quickly find any information about a product that has already been packaged or released.

Hire Me Because…

I am a very dependable worker who is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure that any task assigned is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. I am more than willing to take on any task asked of me and make sure it’s completed to the highest standard.

Passion For Programming

I find that I am most drawn to back-end development but am eager to continue to learn and grow my skill set as a full-stack developer. I enjoy seeing my solutions come to life and the problem-solving that goes into building that solution from ideation to clean code.

Three Words About My Professional Qualities

  • Honest – Transparency is key to efficient teamwork
  • Adaptable – Technology is always changing and updating, it is vital to stay on top of that
  • Reliable – I am a well-grounded professional that can be relied upon

Three Words That Describe The Best Role For Me

  • Cooperative – Working well with others to get the job done.
  • Structured – I thrive when having a clear task that I can zero in on.
  • Efficient – Always striving to get better at my job and make sure I’m doing things as efficiently as possible.

Watch My Capstone Presentation

A 10 to 13-day sprint that starts with each students’ idea. They are responsible for architecting this application, researching and learning any new languages or technologies to complete it, and build the final project. Since this is their crowning achievement during our course, instructors are very hands-off during the lifecycle of the development of their capstone.